The gift that keeps on giving...

Sponsoring one of our animals is a unique gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Tailored to each recipient, sponsorship is the ideal present for any animal lover, or just as a treat for yourself!


You will receive a sponsor certificate, signed photo from your animal, an Easter card, Christmas card, and one free entry to the farm for the named sponsor. 


Sponsorship lasts for one year and costs £25, the equivalent of only 48p a week.


Now it's time to meet some of the family and read their stories.  

 PHANTOM - Phantom was hand-reared from one day old, and was so small he had to drink his milk from a syringe! He is a tri-colour guinea-pig and still loves to be hand fed his dinner. 

 BO - Bo is one of our resident Kune Kune pigs. Kune Kune’s are a small breed of pig that originate from New Zealand. Bo lives with her two friends Pepper and Buzz, and loves nothing more than posing for a photo!


COCO - Coco is our resident Lionhead rabbit, easily recognisable by her fluffy mane of hair around her head. Unlike her more active boyfriend Peter, Coco is an extremely chilled bunny and loves nothing more than a cuddle.

PRIYA - Priya is the eldest of our two llamas, and is  currently learning how to give rides to small children. She is partial to a leafy snack and loves a good neck scratch.

 FLASH - Flash the tortoise is 57 years old but don’t be fooled, he is still a spring chicken! He is a Hermann’s tortoise, a breed which can live up to 120 years old. He is a bit of an escape artist, and we have to keep a close eye on him when he is exercising outside in the summer months.

WILLIAM DE GOAT II - Official mascot of RAF 609 squadron, William is fast becoming quite a star despite his tender age. He is learning to walk on a halter so that he can partake in RAF parades and events. He lives with his other goat friends and is not shy about climbing over his housemates to get to his food.

If you would like to enquire about sponsoring one of our characters please get in touch via one of the methods below:

Phone: 01677 422 125