Lambing season
Boris, the Piglet
Dexter Cows
Sweet Pea and JJ - Ferrets
Lucky, the Pony
Flash & Keith - Tortoises
Harold, the Hedgehog
Oreo, the Mouse
Vincent, the Alpaca
Boris, and Mable


If you're looking for a fun family-day out then look no further!


We aim to provide you with a unique hands on farm experience for children and adults, holding and feeding animals. 


These are structured around a farm tour with our very knowledgeable guides. 


Following this morning’s government announcement allowing the reopening of Playbarns, we have made an assessment based on the risk to visitors and staff, and the economics of the situation. We are not going to reopen at this time. However, we are preparing to reopen a revived outdoor area featuring new play areas and eating options later in the year. 
We are looking forward to the day when we can welcome you back, but under more positive conditions. We feel that it is worth waiting a little longer to enable us to create a more fulfilling and meaningful experience.
Thank you for your understanding, make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on all the animals and our projects.

Tel. 01677 422125  I

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