Meet the Farm Animals

Little Cows: Dexters
William, our Donkey
Preia, the Llama
Chicks n Chickens
Guinea Foul
Alpaca squad: Vulcan, Vlad & Vincent
Muscovy Ducks
JJ, the Ferret
Chip & Pin
Bella, the Rat
Raffles, the Pony
Alice, the French Lop
Partridge Chick
Cadbury, the Goat
Feeding the Goats leaves on the Tour
Peter, the Saanen Goat
Mice: Oreo, Sandy, Marbles & Crew
Mice: Oreo, Sandy, Marbles & Crew
Flash and Kieth, our Tortoises
Harold, the Hedgehog
Betsy, our Lakeland Terrier
Floppsy, the Lionhead
Flower, the Dexter Calf
JJ, the Ferret
Bounty, the Pygmy Goat

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